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        Mingguan Hardware & Plastic Products Co., Ltd., a Mainland-Taiwan joint venture, is located in the Third Industrial Zone, Xinqiao Village, Shajing Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen. Located in the intersection of Guangshen Highway and No.107 National Highroad and adjacent to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, it enjoys excellent geographical environment and convenient transportation.

        Business Scope
        1. Specialize in making various kinds of metal and plastic name plate and label.

        Applied to mobile phone, computer, automobile, bicycle, golf, clock and watch, DVD, MP3, sound box, digital camera and diversified household appliances.

        Our company enjoys advanced and complete equipment and experienced technical professionals. We are capable of offering you with the most consummate service in the whole series of processing including designing, drawing, plate making, die opening, wetting (oiling), surface line brushing, offset printing (color printing), screen printing, punching, etching, screwing, photo-etching, coloring, anodizing, electroplating, epoxy dripping and so on.

        2. Insulation Products

        Mainly provide supporting products like various kinds of PVC, PC, PET, bakelite, quick sticker, mica, EVA, shockproof and anti-damage cushion and washer, all of which are required by household appliances factory, computer factory, motor factory and so on. Meanwhile, we also offer self-adhesive and high precision punching molding products for 3M, NITTO, SONY and so on.

        Corporate Concept: Sincerity, win-win situation, excellent service, high quality products, exploration and innovation.

        Corporate Object: Become a first-class product supplier and a famous branded service company of the field. Because of your strong support can we have all those development and expansion. We are struggling with joint efforts.

        客服热线:0755-27240835 手机:13352971988 传真:0755-27248588